Gambling: Be in Control.

With the latest craze for online gambling, I see tons of new people getting signing up to online casinos left to right, looking for the next big win that will buy them a vacation, a new car or their dream house. Dreaming big is never wrong but when it comes to online gambling, it’s important to be realistic. With many years of casino playing behind me, I certainly know that not everyone who visits a casino leaves it being a millionaire. Unfortunately, some people are not willing to stop until they have won that huge win, and even if they eventually do, will they actually be able to stop? I’ve decided to write up this post as I know that gambling is no fun if it gets out of hand, and even though most people can probably play casino games responsibly, it’s never a bad idea to be careful, so I’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to approach online gambling.

Step 1: The right midset

When starting your gaming session, it’s important that yourmind is in the right place. Realize that expecting to win the jackpot everytime you play casino games is just unrealistic and is going to end up dissapointing you. Start each session with one goal in mind: To have fun. Make your casino experience about enjoying the games itself, and be okay with the fact you might end up losing money most of the time. Rather than seeing it as a way to create income, see it as a normal pasttime that costs you a bit of money – just like going to the bar or going to a restaurant. You pay for an hour of entertainment!

Step 2: Make a budget and a plan

The most important thing to understand, at least according to me, is that online gambling can suck you in. Once you hit that intensity in a session, it can be really easy to forget that you are actually playing with a lot of money – just because you are so into the game itself. When you lose your money, you go straight to the cashier to deposit more money without giving it a second thought, and all of a sudden you realise that you’ve lost way too much money. Not good! The easiest and most effectful way of solving this problem is to make up a clear plan beforehand on how much you can actually afford to lose on your gambling. Look over your finances and set aside a gaming budget that you will use in the casino. You can then portion this out over o month and make a rule that you are allowed to play for, say, €50 every week. Choose a casino that offers deposit limits so that you can set this up beforehand. This way, the casino will stop your deposits once you go over this line, in case you wouldn’t be able to control it. You can find several operators offering deposit limits at this online casino portal!

Also, if you are looking to make profit of your online gambling, set up a limit for when you will cash out. There are two scenarios where it’s normally really hard to stop. The first one is when we are loosing, and we desperately want to win back all the money we’ve lost. The other one, surprisingly, is when we are winning. It’s human nature to always crave more, and therefore we keep playing hoping to win more, until eventually we start loosing again, and end up in scenario number one, as i described above. So if you start a session, set a rule that when you’ve for example doubled your money, you will stop playing and go withdraw your funds.

Step 3: When losing – take a step back

Inevitably, you are going to experience both losing streaks and winning streaks when you are playing casino games. All casino games are games of chance, and that will bring both good luck and bad luck to you, usually in intervals. When we’re winning, everything is good: we’re having loads of fun and we don’t seem to have a care in the world.

But how about when we are losing? Then it’s not that fun anymore, and it’s easy to get into to an intensely bad mood were some people can get quite self destructive. By this I mean that they keep putting money in because they keep losing, and in really bad situations it’s almost like they don’t want to win anymore – they just want to keep throwing money in there. Here, it’s extremely important to take a step back. If you are feeling that things are starting to get out of control, immediately stop playing and take a step back to regain your composure and come to your senses.

Step 4: Monitor yourself

Whereas most people have no proble keeping their gambling habits under control, some people have a greater tendency to get addicted to certain things. If you suspect that you are in the latter category, you need to be aware. It’s always good to monitor yourself in these situations and ask yourself a couple of questions. A good one to start with would be ”Do i find i thard to stop playing once i’ve gotten into it?”. If you have ahard time stopping, it’s even more important to build the will power to do so. When your logical mind says that you probably should quit, but your emotional mind says to continue – always trust your logical mind!

Other ways to monitor yourself is to look at how much time you spend thinking about gambling when you are doing other things. Gambling is supposed to be a fun activity to partake in every now and then – not something to consume your life!

We hope that this guide has given you some value if you suspect that you might need to control your gambling better, and we wish you the best of luck in your future gaming activities!